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Using Google Analytics to prove ROI from Print Marketing

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a great and free tool to track traffic to your business’ website and the return on investment (ROI) on your marketing. With social media it is easy to track visits to your website, customer interaction and sales from advertisements as it is built within the applications. Google Analytics makes it just as…

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Catalogues For Marketing

Catalogue Marketing

Catalogues are a great form of marketing for your products and/or services and are often forgotten about as a marketing tool. Utilised in the right way, they can be effective and achieve a fantastic return on investment for your business. In this article, we outline a few tips and benefits to explain why we think…

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Keeping Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty

Customers are of course the most important part of your business; without customers there wouldn’t be a business! That is why it is imperative to hold on to customers and ensure that they are loyal to your business as much as you are loyal to them. Here we outline a few things to consider to…

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Online Versus Print Advertising

Mixed Media Advertising

Advertising can be done with online AND print tools. But which tools are the most effective? It’s important to ask some questions first. What are your goals? Both online and print advertising have so many great benefits. However, we think there should be a mixture of both. Here are some pros for both and some…

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Posters for Advertising

Large Format Poster Printing

Posters are a great way to promote your business, brand or a special product or event. With the right strategy behind them, posters can be very effective in generating leads. At Print Colchester, we will design and supply your posters, with guaranteed high quality. Here are a few reasons why we think posters are a…

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Five Tips for Effective Leaflets

Designing Effective Leaflets

Leaflets are an often-forgotten marketing technique. However, with the right planning and the right design, it can be very effective and ultimately, a great way to advertise your business or specific offer. At Print Colchester, we can design and supply your leaflets to ensure an effective distribution from the get-go. We will help provide you…

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Top Tips for Designing Brochures

Designing Brochures

Brochures are a fantastic marketing tool to communicate what your business offers to clients, new and existing, as well as any other interested parties. The design is imperative to a brochure and at Print Colchester we can take the pressure off by assisting in designing your brochures as well as printing at the best quality. These…

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How To Design A Brilliant Business Card

Make A Brilliant Business Card

We print hundreds of business cards here at Print Colchester every week, so we see a lot of different approaches to the design. If you are stuck for how to set yours up then read on – it really is quite simple. What Size Should I Make My Business Card? In the UK business cards generally…

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Free Compliments Slips When You Order Letterheads

Free Compliments Slips With Letterheads

Business Stationery For The New Year Every business needs letterheads. Professional communications require the use of letterheads not only to add kudos to your letters and invoices, but also to impart your contact details and terms of business in a clear and deliberate manner. Similarly compliments slips are a mainstay of the business stationery world…

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Web Design In Colchester

Webwalrus - Web Design In Colchester

Every business needs a website. They are the best tool for promoting and marketing your services and products. But how do you find someone to help you out with web design in Colchester? There are many to choose from, but we think our friends over at are one of the best choices. Web Design In…

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Make a PDF file ready for printing

make a PDF file

Printers love the pdf format; it is easy to view on a wide range of computer systems, it has a good chance of containing high quality images at relatively small file sizes and it contains all the relevant font information they require to make accurate prints. This is why whenever our customers bring us PDF files…

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Make Your Own Football Stickers

Football stickers at print colchester

Football Sticker Generator Whilst the world warms up for World Cup Fever, Panini have come up with a clever way to make your very own Football stickers, with you as the star! Just upload your likeness to their website, choose your teams kit, add a caption and you are ready to go. A brilliant example…

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Printing and that tricky dpi (revisited)


There are many numbers in life that are considered a measure of quality. Most are confusing to some extent, as they are often twisted by marketers into selling points. Lets take effort for example – it’s no longer acceptable to give 100%, it’s 110% minimum these days! How Digital Made The Dpi Go Up Remember…

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Scanning In Colchester

Here at Print Colchester we offer a range of services, including the most comprehensive range of scanning in Colchester. Our services are tailored to our customer requirements, whether you need large format scans at up to A0 sizes, or just a simple A4 document scanned. We cater for scanning architects plans, large multi-page documents and…

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A Great Leaflet Printing Deal From Print Colchester

Leaflet Printing Offer Now On

Leaflets are a brilliant way to promote your business. Whether you are looking to provide an extra promotional push for your club, small business or take-away – leaflet printing can really help push business to your door. The highly graphical nature of the modern leaflet is a great attention grabber and in this super fast…

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Wallpaper Printing – Design Your Own Mural Today

Wallpaper Printing at Print Colchester

Many people these days are looking for new and exciting ways to decorate and personalise their homes. Although it is easy to put a few pictures up it hasn’t always been quite as simple to dramatically transform the whole impression of an interior. Some of our customers have discovered a great new way to achieve…

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Free Wedding Invitations Design Pack

Wedding Invitations Kit

Everybody needs a little help with something every now and again – and when you are to be married that longing for assistance can be stronger than ever. All those decisions to make – where will it be, when will it be, shall we invite cousin Mordred, what colour for my neckerchief… it all adds…

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Typography Tips – Our Top Five

Typography Tips

Typography Design Tips The way you present yourself with typography has a big impact on your customer’s impression of you. There are many elements to consider when designing with type and the way you present yourself both online and in print is the culmination of all of these elements. Colour, typeface choice, weight and spacing…

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On The Road with Print Colchester

Have Designer Will Travel

Can’t Get Out of the Office When you’ve got some great ideas for marketing, sometimes all you need is a designer to chat things through with and help realise your plans. But even though our town centre studio is super easy to pop in to and say hi, some of you busy people don’t always…

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Free Design With Your Leaflets

Graphic Design in Colchester

All this wet weather can really put a cloud over your promotions this time of year, so to cheer everyone up we thought we’d make promoting your business a little bit easier by offering a real bargain., All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is order your express leaflets in the…

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How to create perfect printing files – our whizzy guide

How to prepare your work for CMYK printing

We’ve been busy beavering away with our in-house web design team and come up with a great new page that not only illustrates our design skills, but could help you with yours too! Would you like a bit of extra help preparing your CMYK print files? Then check out our new whizzy guide to getting…

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3 Steps To More Cost Effective Leaflets

Don't waste money on leaflets

There are no two ways about it- printing leaflets to promote your next event or product can cost a lot of money. But there are some simple, cost effective methods you can employ to lessen the financial impact of your advertising. Let’s have a look at some of your options. 1. Think Targeted Small runs…

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