Designing Invitations – Our Top Tips

Designing Invitations at Print Colchester

Think Beautiful When Designing Invitations Everybody loves a party, and whether it’s a new baby, a wedding, or the opening of your new business – an excellent way of announcing the big event is with an invitation. Receiving some beautiful print work through the post can really help events stick in people’s minds (and calendars).…

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Use Laser Cutting For Your Next Project

Laser Cutting at Print Colchester

I Don’t Expect You To Talk… When people mention laser cutting the image that obviously springs to mind is that of James Bond strapped to a table, a piercing light inches from his most delicate areas.  But secret agents aren’t the only ones these days though to come in contact with this breakthrough technology- what…

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When Designing Flyers, Make Your Headlines Count

Flyer Design- Make Your Headline Count

Flyer Design In business a great way of getting your message across is with a flyer or leaflet. They are a brilliant tool for marketing as they make it possible to accurately communicate an idea without your message becoming confused. The act of actually giving your customer a something physical can also bring a lot…

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A Quick Guide To Pantone Colours

Printed Pantone Swatches

Colour matching can be a bit of a mine-field, but thankfully the print trade has one guy on its side when it comes to perfect colours- Mr Pantone. What exactly is the Pantone colour matching system? The Pantone Matching System (or PMS for short) is a standard set of inks around which a whole range…

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5 things to consider when designing posters

Large Poster Printing

Following on from yesterdays post regarding how to create great leaflets comes this informative article from one of our favourite sites- digital printing blog. It goes through the five major points to remember when designing posters- Purpose, Audience, Colour, Images and Text. We won’t go through the whole lot here but to summarise: keep posters bold…

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The 3 Ws Of Flyer Design

Express Flyers & Leaflets - Flyer Design

Flyer Design – A Quick Primer Designing promotional print can be a tricky business if you are new to it or are filling in until you can get  professional flyer design. But if you keep these three basic ideas in mind for your design you can’t go far wrong. Who! Sometimes known as target audience,…

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The perfect stock

I’ve heard that all the best stocks are jellified. When it comes to printing I’m not so sure. Here at Print Colchester we hold a wide range of papers perfect for printing posters, flyers and leaflets. If you need reports rapidly processed we’ve got the right stock for that too. Even digital photograph printing has…

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Photoshop and the tricky 'dpi'


I guess we have all heard of ‘dpi’- but what does it actually mean? Well DPI is the amount of Dots Per Inch- that is to say how may printable marks you can cram into an inch of print. The higher the number the smoother your images will look. The trade off of course is…

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Who needs to read the small print?

Don't mix colours on small text!

Stay away from blurry edged text Colour mixing is great on larger areas, as most printing processes use a four colour system you need to mix the pure colours to create those secondary hues – everyone knows when it comes to print that yellow and cyan make green. But when it comes to small text,…

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Boost your blacks

Blacker than black

When you use black in your document you might think there is nothing darker than 100% black. But when you print on a litho press or even using digital printers, these blacks may end up looking a bit more charcoal than jet. This is when ‘rich black’ comes into play. Adding some colour in with…

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Looking a bit off colour?

Sickly cute chick

Do you have an unhappy hue happening when you print your documents? Is something going wrong with your creamy colours? This top tip should help sort out those ghastly green woes. Often when we’re working with digital CMYK print work at Print Colchester it is tempting to simply convert our existing web and online documents…

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