How to create A Great Leaflet

Before we start

Be aware of what you want the leaflet to achieve when designing it. If you want people to phone then ask them. If you want them to visit your shop then encourage them to do that instead. Millions of leaflets are printed and distributed every day, that aren't clear on what action they want the recipient to take, don't make yours one of them.

Have a distribution plan before you design and print your leaflets, and be clear on who your target market is; as all of these questions will effect your content, design, print quality and quantity. Just remember people will associate the quality of your leaflets with the quality of your product.

On The Front Of Your Leaflet...

Photos & Pictures

A picture paints a thousand words - yes it's true! But they need to be the right thousand words - pictures should be aspirational, relevant and if you are using people then they should always be happy, because happy people equals great service.

The Eye Catcher

You have literally seconds to catch someone attention so don't waste it by being shy or coy. Bold simple statements about what you are offering work best here: try - "25% OFF" or "BEST SALE EVER!".

The Tag Line

Catchy and brief but designed to help the reader imagine how you can make life better - sell them the dream! In our example we have used 'a perfect opportunity to think ahead' which is both inspiring and motivational.

Call To Action

It is well known in marketing circles that if your potential customer doesn't take action immediately then they probably never will. So you need to encourage them to act now, by asking them... - ACT NOW!! Encourage the point further by using deadlines, discounts or stressing the point that this is a now or never item- "Last few left", "Final Pressing" that sort of thing.

Your Company Branding

Looking for branding is one of the credibility checks that most of us make without realising it. Branding should be bold and relevant to your type of business without being too fussy or complicated.

How To Design A Great Flyer

Correct & Credible Contact Details

It is important to ensure you give every opportunity to contact you immediately through a multitude of routes, if they put your leaflet down they may never pick it up again so you must make this bit easy. Telephone email and web address should be the minimum here as you want to cater to all contact preferences. Try to use a landline if at all possible to encourage people to call. If you are going to use a street address try not to use your home, but rather a town-centre or trading centre address. If you haven't got one look up local Virtual Office centres, or rent a Mail Boxes Etc mailing address.

On The Back Of Your Leaflet...

How To Design A Great Flyer (Back Page)

Repeat The Eye Catcher

It is important to remind people why they are reading your leaflet, also there is no guarantee that they wont read the back first, so you still need to catch their attention.

The Details

This must be relevant to the time of year, the product, and written to enforce the call to action. Remember if you give them all the information they need, they may not contact you to ask questions later, therefore missing a sales opportunity. But make it very clear to read -it should re-enforce your offer a number of times in different ways, to drive your message home.

Don't be afraid to use CAPITALS, bold or italic lettering to emphasise key words or phrases to cater to text skimmers.

The Small Print

It is important to remind people why they are reading your leaflet, also there is no guarantee that they wont read the back first, so you still need to catch their attention.

Product Images

Show the end result in its best light. the quality of the image will be mistaken for the quality of the product so don't skimp on your photography graphics etc.

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