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Online Versus Print Advertising

Advertising can be done with online AND print tools. But which tools are the most effective?

It’s important to ask some questions first. What are your goals? Both online and print advertising have so many great benefits. However, we think there should be a mixture of both.

Here are some pros for both and some thoughts to take into consideration for your next advertising campaign:

1. Customer Reach

Both online and print adverts can be utilised in increasing your customer reach.

Online advertising enables you to pinpoint your target market by age, interests, location, etc.. There is the added benefit of setting the customer reach to go as far as you want, i.e. 5 miles or 50 miles.

With print advertising direct mail campaigns, leaflet drops and flyer distribution can be used, which are all great options to increase your reach. Print advertisements can also be strategically placed in locations where your target market visit frequently.

However, your customer reach can be even greater with a mixture of both of these online and print advertising strategies.

Speak to our team at Print Colchester for your direct mail campaigns, leaflets or flyers and ask about our graphic design service!

2. Lead Generation

With social media business accounts, it is easy to see the results of each online advertisement, i.e. website clicks, customer reach and interactions (likes and comments).

Similarly, there are great tools available to track print adverts. Whether flyers, leaflets or posters. A great tracking tool is the QR code, which takes customers directly to your website and can be tracked easily.

Our sister company, Webwalrus, can assist in your website design and search engine optimisation so your combination of online and print advertising can be most effective.

3. The Marketing Mix

Online advertising provides an opportunity for businesses to stay on customers’, new and current, radar on a daily basis. Print advertising can also be effective in staying on customers’ minds with strategic positioning of posters, flyers, etc..

However, it is important to combine elements of the marketing mix for the most effective strategy. By combining both online and print advertising you can therefore produce the best results. In an article by Mediaspace Solutions it is claimed that a combination of print and online advertising can produce up to 240% ROI

At Print Colchester we will help put together print advertisements to best match your online advertising, so you can achieve maximum return on investment. Contact our team to discuss today!

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Sam Brook is a contributor to the Print Colchester blog from her usual home over at Suffolk Social Media. She's an expert in marketing online and is glad to help local businesses improve their social reach.