How Combining Print and Digital Marketing Has Proven To Lead To More Sales

Print marketing and digital marketing are often thought of as separate marketing strategies when a mixture of both can lead to a fantastic return on investment, i.e. more sales.

A business’ marketing strategy should always focus on the target market. This will define and shape all aspects of marketing and advertising. With this in mind, it is important to consider the different customers that fall within your target market and pay attention to how they interact with your content, whether online or in print. A combination of print and digital marketing provides the opportunity for a much greater reach than just using one strategy. Some of your target market may not follow you on social media or even have their own social media accounts. Therefore, adding print marketing to the mix opens up the possible reach to those that don’t have an online presence and vice versa.

According to an article by Search Engine Watch, the global, well-known brand Pepsi decided to cut their print and traditional marketing strategies and the results of this were seen not long after. The article goes on to explain that after just a few months, Pepsi went back to a combination of both after struggling to meet their usual return on investment with just online marketing. Search Engine Watch compares this failure with the success of Coca Cola with their “Share a Coke” campaign which was led with a great combination of digital and print marketing.

With a greater reach overall and the chance to appeal to all of your target market, combining print and digital marketing is guaranteed to earn a great return on investment. An article by The Marsid M&M Group states that a combination of print and digital marketing can produce a 163% return on investment in comparison to 87% from digital marketing and TV alone and 125% from just newspapers and magazines.

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