Using Google Analytics to prove ROI from Print Marketing

Google Analytics is a great and free tool to track traffic to your business’ website and the return on investment (ROI) on your marketing. With social media it is easy to track visits to your website, customer interaction and sales from advertisements as it is built within the applications. Google Analytics makes it just as easy to track traffic and ROI from print marketing, from something as small as business cards to posters.

Here are some great tools within Google Analytics that will help you track your return on investment from your print marketing:

Vanity URLs

When designing your print marketing materials, e.g. flyers, leaflets or brochures, the most important thing to include is your website domain as well as a call to action such as “visit our website for more information”.

Google Analytics is tied in with your website URLs and therefore allows you to easily track visits to your website. One of the great tools provided within Google Analytics is the option to generate what is called a Vanity URL. This is a simplified URL that helps the customer remember the website easier, e.g. This URL can then be used on your print marketing materials.

Tracking Codes

A unique code is provided by Google for each Vanity URL which allows you to track traffic to your website directly from a specific piece of print like a flyer or a poster, etc.

There is also the option of using other codes to track with Google Analytics. QR codes can be placed on your print marketing materials directing customers straight to your website. These QR codes can be paired with Google Analytics by using a Vanity URL as the link for the QR code which can then be tracked easily.


Google Analytics allows you to generate reports and graphs for the Vanity URLs you have used on your print marketing materials, i.e. you may have recently done a direct mail campaign and want to see how well it’s done.

If Vanity URLs haven’t been used for your print marketing materials, Google still enables you to generate reports to see direct traffic to your website and your return on investment from your print marketing. It can be filtered by date which will help to see if there was a spike in website visits after a specific campaign was done.

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