Point Of Sale Digital Displays

Looking for a new way to impress your prospective clients?

Digital showcase Point Of Sale displays could be the way to clinch your next deal. Whether you are looking to promote your small or business or breakthrough idea - these bright colourful screens are a real eye-catcher.  Suitable for use within your own business or at trade shows / exhibitions these displays show off your message at it's best.

Designed to be filled with a series of promotional images, the display accepts a wide variety of image and movie formats. Our in-house team of designers are at hand to make sure that your message is displayed in it's best possible light.

Long Term Display Hire For Your Business

If you'd like to rent a digital display for use inside your own business -be it a shop, restaurant or office - we've got you covered. With special rates available for long term loans we can make sure you have the benefit of a brilliant screen available to you at all times. We can even make sure it is updated for you regularly - with our design subscriptions.

Point Of Sale Digital Display Screen.

Over Night Rental For Shows & Exhibitions

Looking to rent a display screen for just a couple of hours or maybe a weekend? Our short term hire is available to give you a great option for presenting at exhibitions and shows. We can deliver a display pre-loaded with your slides ready to show off your big idea. We'll even make sure everything is working as expected - before leaving you to count up the sales.

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About our Digital Display Hire

Available For Short or Long Term Hire

Crystal Clear Bright Display

Suitable For Showing Slideshows

Animated Presentations & Movies 

Design Team Available

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