Using Google Analytics to prove ROI from Print Marketing

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a great and free tool to track traffic to your business’ website and the return on investment (ROI) on your marketing. With social media it is easy to track visits to your website, customer interaction and sales from advertisements as it is built within the applications. Google Analytics makes it just as…

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Catalogues For Marketing

Catalogue Marketing

Catalogues are a great form of marketing for your products and/or services and are often forgotten about as a marketing tool. Utilised in the right way, they can be effective and achieve a fantastic return on investment for your business. In this article, we outline a few tips and benefits to explain why we think…

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Keeping Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty

Customers are of course the most important part of your business; without customers there wouldn’t be a business! That is why it is imperative to hold on to customers and ensure that they are loyal to your business as much as you are loyal to them. Here we outline a few things to consider to…

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Online Versus Print Advertising

Mixed Media Advertising

Advertising can be done with online AND print tools. But which tools are the most effective? It’s important to ask some questions first. What are your goals? Both online and print advertising have so many great benefits. However, we think there should be a mixture of both. Here are some pros for both and some…

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Posters for Advertising

Large Format Poster Printing

Posters are a great way to promote your business, brand or a special product or event. With the right strategy behind them, posters can be very effective in generating leads. At Print Colchester, we will design and supply your posters, with guaranteed high quality. Here are a few reasons why we think posters are a…

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Five Tips for Effective Leaflets

Designing Effective Leaflets

Leaflets are an often-forgotten marketing technique. However, with the right planning and the right design, it can be very effective and ultimately, a great way to advertise your business or specific offer. At Print Colchester, we can design and supply your leaflets to ensure an effective distribution from the get-go. We will help provide you…

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Top Tips for Designing Brochures

Designing Brochures

Brochures are a fantastic marketing tool to communicate what your business offers to clients, new and existing, as well as any other interested parties. The design is imperative to a brochure and at Print Colchester we can take the pressure off by assisting in designing your brochures as well as printing at the best quality. These…

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Top Tips for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Letters

Direct mail can still be hugely beneficial even in this modern age of digital marketing, especially in light of the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It can be expensive however, so it’s important to get it right so that you maximise your return on investment. At Print Colchester we can help with your direct mail…

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Reconnecting With Lost Customers

Reconnecting with lost customers

It’s easier to keep an existing customer than gain a new one. In an ideal world that’s what would happen. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and sometimes you will lose customers. At Print Colchester we can help you engage with lost customers and in this article, we’ll outline some ways you can do that. Reach…

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5 Benefits of Direct Mail

5 Benefits of Direct Mail – Print Colchester

Why Direct Mail Still Works in 2019 Digital advertising is common-place but direct mail is still very much alive and kicking in 2019. Why? In an age when our in-boxes are loaded with advertising, direct mail stands out. In a nutshell: it’s personal, highly-targeted and there is an element of feel-good factor about it. After…

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Top Tips for Christmas Marketing

Christmas Marketing in Colchester

The feel-good factor is well underway at Christmas, which makes it is the perfect time to pull out all the stops to promote your Colchester-based business. Whether you run a pub, sell goods online or offer services such as hair and beauty, accountancy or DIY, people are always on the look-out for bargains over the…

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5 Website Must-Haves

Coding your new website becomes easy with Webwalrus Colchester

5 Website Must-Haves Your website informs visitors what you do, why they need you and ultimately serves to drive up sales. Unlike an open all-hours convenience store, a website does not have to rely on passing footfall – it widens the net. Accessible 24-hours a day, it can get your brand noticed on a local,…

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3 Cost Effective Marketing Tools for Start-ups

3 Cheap Marketing Tools for Start-ups

Three Vital, Inexpensive Marketing Tools for a Small Business If you are starting a new business, you won’t want to pay over the odds for your marketing but you will want to invest in tools that are effective. After all, if you don’t market your company, how will potential customers get to know about you?…

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Are you prepared for GDPR?

GDPR Data destruction and shredding services

Is your business GDPR compliant? GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, comes into full force on 25th May 2018 and will affect even the smallest of businesses. With the deadline just weeks away, it is important to be prepared. Here is a brief look at what GDPR means for you and your organisation,…

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Custom-Made Beer Mats – Print Colchester

Advertise in pubs, restaurants cafe's and more with customer made beer mats

Custom-Made Beer Mats Make a Catchy Marketing Tool Whether you are sitting in your local among friends, or having a romantic meal for two, you will always notice the beer mat in-front of you. It doesn’t matter how engaging the conversation, how much the person opposite bowls you over, or whether you are crying with…

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