Document Scanning At Print Colchester

At Print Colchester we are fully equipped wit a full range of document scanners which we use to digitise all kinds of documents and images. Whether it's art posters, bank statements, family photos or architects plans - we have the correct machinery to scan them all.

Our super speedy Xerox process means we can scan large bundles of sheet fed originals, which gives us the capacity to scan whole folders full of documents at once - perfect for solicitors and accountants alike. Available in black and white or colour and with the resulting files available in JPG, Tiff or the popular PDF formats this service is the main stay of our scanning system.

Sacnning Documents In Colchester

High Resolution Scanning at sizes up to A3 and beyond

xerox digital printersHigh definition scanning means that your documents stay pin-sharp, even when the outputted files are printed at sizes larger than their original documents. We can provide scanning at dpi resolutions from 150dpi all the way up to 600dpi - suitable for even the most exacting work. Our standard flat-bed scanners can accept documents of any shape and size up to A3 (420mm x 297mm) - even books and magazines are no problem for our Xerox scanners.  If you are looking to archive family photos for future preservation or just to email to your relatives abroad, our colour scanning is just the job.

Large Format Scanner in ColchesterLarge Format Scanning For Architects, Planners and Builders

If it's really large scans you're after, our large format scanner is the tool for you. This scanner has a roll feed system with a maximum width of 914mm. This means it can scan documents at sizes of A0 and beyond, allowing those of us that work with plans and drawings to archive their large format printing. Plans and drawings can now be emailed to clients or colleagues with ease. Available either in black & white or colour our knowledgable staff will be able to recommend the most effective format and resolution for your application. We can even make colour, brightness or contrast amendments for you prior to emailing - just ask us for a quote for your particular needs.

About our Document Scanning

Same Day Service Available

Suitable for documents, plans and photos

Black & White or Full Colour

Saves To USB, CD, DVD or Email

Scan multiple pages at once with our sheet feed system

Max original width 914mm (A0+)


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