Five Tips for Effective Leaflets

Leaflets are an often-forgotten marketing technique. However, with the right planning and the right design, it can be very effective and ultimately, a great way to advertise your business or specific offer. At Print Colchester, we can design and supply your leaflets to ensure an effective distribution from the get-go. We will help provide you a great quality leaflet so you are feeling confident when distributing them!

Here are some of our tips for an effective leaflet drop:

1. The Goal

The first thing to consider is the end goal for your leaflet distribution. Do you have a special offer, event or are you simply creating awareness? With this in mind, what is your target market? With an end goal set, the budget, design and content come naturally.

2. The Design

The key to an effective leaflet is captive content. How often have you picked up a leaflet and thrown it straight into the bin? At Print Colchester, we can help create the best design to draw in your target market so that they will contact you straight away. With our 160gsm high quality silk leaflets, you can also be assured that you have the best quality.

3. The Content

The best leaflets are short and sweet and to the point. Go back to your leaflet goals. What is the best wording to attract your target market? What is the right offer or question to get them to contact you on receipt of the leaflet?

4. The Quantity

Referring back to your end goal, it is important to consider how many leaflets will be the most effective in relation to your target market. If you print too many, you can end up with leftovers gathering dust. However, if you don’t print enough, you have to go through the hassle of printing more! With us at Print Colchester, we will make it easy for you. We offer print quantities from as little as 100 right up to 10,000. You can collect or we can send them via express courier services to get the leaflets to you quickly, so you don’t have to worry if you need more!

5. The Where and When

Now that you have your high quality and captivating leaflets in hand, where are you going to distribute them?

Reflect on your target market. Where are they likely to be? Is it best to post through letterboxes or would it be better to distribute in locations/businesses that they frequent? Maybe a mixture of both.

Contact Print Colchester today to design and supply your leaflet to get the most out of your leaflet drop!

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