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Posters for Advertising

Posters are a great way to promote your business, brand or a special product or event.

With the right strategy behind them, posters can be very effective in generating leads. At Print Colchester, we will design and supply your posters, with guaranteed high quality.

Here are a few reasons why we think posters are a great form of advertising (we’ve included some tips in there as well) even in this digital age:

1. Size and Quality Options

With posters, you have numerous options depending on what your goal is.
Are you promoting a certain product, event or simply building awareness for your business/brand?
Who is your target market and where are they located? The answers of course give you the right location for your posters, which therein gives you the sizes that would suit best.
Contact our team at Print Colchester to discuss your various options for your next set of high-quality posters!

2. Exposure

The right location for your posters can mean great and lengthy exposure. Depending on the location, it can give your business the opportunity to be seen for a long period of time (updated and replaced when you feel necessary). Remember that your target market is the most important consideration for your posters’ location. For more help on design, contact our in-house graphic design team at Print Colchester.

3. Connecting with Digital Media

One of the best things about posters in this digital age is that you can now combine a visual, tactile poster with digital/online advertising. With the use of QR codes and adding your business’ social media usernames – with the right design to grab attention – you can drive new customers to find out more about your business. Speak to us at Print Colchester about your next poster campaign and we can help you design your posters with this strategy in mind!

Print Colchester can help you get the most from of your posters and maximise your return on investment. We will help you choose the best paper and size. We will even assist in your design if required.

At Print Colchester, posters can be made for your business quickly and distributed within just a couple of days from designs being finalised!

Contact Print Colchester to promote your business or event with high quality posters!

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