3 Steps To More Cost Effective Leaflets

Don't waste money on leafletsThere are no two ways about it- printing leaflets to promote your next event or product can cost a lot of money. But there are some simple, cost effective methods you can employ to lessen the financial impact of your advertising. Let’s have a look at some of your options.

1. Think Targeted

Small runs of leaflets may seem like a waste of time- everyone has heard the horror stories of leaflet drops being placed straight in the bin / river. But being choosy about who you use to distribute your leaflets, and where you place them can pay huge dividends. Make sure your distributors are dropping your leaflets through the correct doors for your target market. If you are advertising your gym try local offices. If you are advertising your takeaway, try the student sector. If you are advertising your lasso range- try the saloon. Be direct and don’t waste your assets.

2. Use Both Sides

The size of your leaflet obviously influences the cost of your flyers, but the difference in cost between single or double sided is generally negligible. So make sure you use all of that space. How many times have you picked up a leaflet from your doormat that has landed face down- leaving you with a white piece of paper to view. A huge majority of people won’t turn that leaflet over to reveal it’s message, or even if they do what message does it give to the viewer? Don’t be the company that’s too cheap to use the second side.

3. Keep It Simple

With leaflets you may have only a split second to get your sales message over to your potential customer. So keep it simple- make sure your headline is short but sweet. Supporting text must be relevant- people don’t need to read the life history of your company. Make sure the copy you present is strongly connected to the product you are selling and provides useful information. Contact details should be brief and correct- don’t waste your client’s time by providing them with your geocite, fax number, or the details for your telex machine. STAY ON TARGET!

Keep these three ideas in mind when you’re next designing leaflets and be pleased that your budget hasn’t been wasted on superfluous and inefficient design. If you need help designing your leaflets, sign up for one of our design packages. If you’ve got your design down, let’s talk lealfets.


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