A Great Leaflet Printing Deal From Print Colchester

Leaflet Printing Offer Now OnLeaflets are a brilliant way to promote your business. Whether you are looking to provide an extra promotional push for your club, small business or take-away – leaflet printing can really help push business to your door. The highly graphical nature of the modern leaflet is a great attention grabber and in this super fast world we live in you need to grab attention FAST!

Double Sided Leaflet Printing

Here at Print Colchester we always advise to make the most of your leaflets by printing on both sides. The idea is that when your leaflet is pushed through your customer’s door- or even handed over in the street, your marketing message will always be visible. How many times have you scooped up those flyers from your mat without even seeing what they are for? Double sided leaflet printing means that will never happen to your message.

A Bit Of Extra Help Designing Your Leaflets

If you are looking for a little bit of help designing your leaflet, we’ve got two ways to help you out. If you are the kind of guy that has time to do your own artwork- then our printable ‘How to create a great leaflet’ pdf guide is for you. It contains tips on content, what to put where, headline writing- the full works. Feel free to share this guide with anyone that needs a little bit of a helping hand.

Remember I said two ways? Well if you’re not the kind of guy who has enough time to design their own leaflet then this second option is for you. Just add one of our design bundles to your cart before checking out and we’ll get it sorted for you. We’ll need a decent brief (or at least an idea!) but you can either just leave it in our capable hands or book an appointment to sit in and get the job done.

Leaflet Printing Offer From Print Colchester

To give you an extra incentive with your leaflet printing we have come up with this early summer offer. We will print 2500 A5 leaflets with full colour on both sides on our “standard” (read brilliant!) 150gsm gloss stock for just £79.97. That’s a massive saving of £66.26 off our standard price! But hurry – this offer is only valid until the end of June 2014!

To order just visit our flyers and leaflets page and click buy.

Joseph Hewes

Contributor to printcolchester.co.uk and tailormadeinvites.co.uk. Web designer, printer and marketer based in Colchester UK.

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