Countdown to Christmas with your own Printed Advent Calendar

Traditional Christmas Gift Ideas

It can be hard to think of new Christmas gift ideas for your customers each year – plus that traditional custom made Christmas card or calendar might not be the exciting prospect it once was! So we’ve got a different Christmas tradition which you might like to make your own – custom printed advent calendars.

There are a few different ways you can leverage the power of these marketing marvels – here are a few ideas for you to think about.

  1. Not just for Christmas – why not count down to a promotional event you are having, or even your company’s birthday
  2. Offer a different sale item every day with a voucher code behind each window
  3. Add scannable QR codes which deliver your customers to a customised web page
  4. Have the windows reveal different members of your team wearing santa hats (or sombreros)
  5. Order 20,000 from us today (or even just one!)

Print Your Own Advent Calendars This Year

If you are thinking of getting some of these made up, get in touch and we can work out the finer details with you, our prices start from jus £5 per calendar (based on an order of 100), but we’re happy to quote on orders large and small. We have templates for you to download and customise, or you can just add a photo to one of our stock designs:

Chocolate Is The Best Gift Of All This Christmas

For added fun this year why not make your own Chocolate filled novelty calendar – these are available in both 25 day or 7 day countdowns,  and are filled with quality Swiss chocolates . They are the ultimate gift for your loved ones (or customers!).

Need some further inspiration? Check out this nifty video which includes a few more top tips:

Feeling Christmassy? Get in touch for pricing and availability,

Joseph Hewes

Contributor to and Web designer, printer and marketer based in Colchester UK.