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Get your room decorated just how you want it with our easy hang custom printed wallpapers.


Custom Wallpaper Printing

Making a big impact is a must do in business and in life – and there is always a new way to make a huge impression. Wallpaper printing has been around for hundreds of years now, but the technology to bring your very own designs to your wall is just becoming a cost-effective idea. Whether you want to theme your pub, club, business or home we can now produce the necessary prints. This will allow for a massive full wall mural that makes a really big statement about your business. Or maybe you would like a more subtle effect with a repeating pattern of your own design. With our bespoke wallpaper printing service it’s up to you.

Mural Printing The Easy Way

Producing the kind of artwork required for such a mammoth print can be difficult, so we’ve streamlined our service to make it as simple as possible. Rather than designing your entire room inch by inch we’ve got some great options for you.

  • Use your own image
    Send us your picture and we’ll make sure it looks perfect for you.
  • Repeating patterns
    Just send us a single copy of your design or motif and we’ll work the rest out for you.
  • Stock photos
    We’ve partnered with to make that possible. All you need to do is select your image from their massive library, give us the reference number and we’ll do the rest.

We even include a free proof of how the image will be cropped if it is not an exact fit for your wall. Simple huh?

A few of our available designs

Easy To Hang Custom Wallpapers

To top it all off we’ve made hanging your wallpaper printing as easy as pie as well. Each of the 480mm wide rolls comes pre cut in the exact measurement required for your room. Each roll is labeled with a number to make sure you hang them in the correct order. Once you’ve worked through the hanging your image will be revealed. Still not sure on the best way to hang your paper? Our wallpaper printing package includes full comprehensive instructions to insure your success.

Speedy Service

free uk deliveryOur printed wallpapers are printed within five working days from when you have submitted your design. Like all of our products your wallpaper will be express delivered to your door at no extra charge.

Please make an enquiry using the form below or give us a call on 01206 430312 to order this completely bespoke product.

Not Sure How To Get Your Printing Sorted?

Let us know what you need and we’ll help you work everything out.



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