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Custom-Made Beer Mats Make a Catchy Marketing Tool

Whether you are sitting in your local among friends, or having a romantic meal for two, you will always notice the beer mat in-front of you. It doesn’t matter how engaging the conversation, how much the person opposite bowls you over, or whether you are crying with laughter among friends…there is no getting away from it, the beer mat on the table will catch your eye.


For a start, people don’t keep eye contact the whole time. Plus, if it’s a date, one of the pair will likely wait for the other one’s arrival, or glance nervously at the table before ordering from the menu. If it’s a corporate event, co-workers will look at their surroundings in-between courses; and, if it is a group of friends, there will be occasions when at least one of the party may pop to the bar or take a toilet break…and that’s when a custom-made beer mat will draw attention.

So, what will hold their interest? Punters might be drawn to a catchy quote, logo, map or picture; perhaps a multiple-choice question or quiz. Stand out colours and graphics will have a similar effect. And, if a printed beer mat features a quote or a humorous picture or remark, the coaster could become a talking point. That’s when a company logo sticks in the customer’s mind or a business name gets picked up. And, for that reason, the beer mat is a great marketing tool.

Here, at Print Colchester, we design and create custom-made, printed beer mats for all types of businesses, including restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars and related organisations such as taxi firms. Beer mats are also popular with corporates (for events or client gifts) and among private individuals, for weddings, stag dos and family parties. They are long-lasting (so hang around for a while) and can be used to advertise product services or events. Plus, the imagination is the limit as we can create printed beer mats in a circular design (94mm diameter), or a square beer mat (94mm square) with 10mm sleek, rounded corners; both are exactly the same price – or even create custom shapes for an extra charge.

Buy from us and we provide a good quality surface for clear printing, and our 1.5mm thick mats have an open core to absorb spills. Click on the link to find out more about our printed, custom-made beer mats. Order online today, or call us to discuss your requirements. For a limited period only, we are offering 10% off beer mat orders with this code: CHEAPBEER.

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