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5 Website Must-Haves

5 Website Must-Haves

Your website informs visitors what you do, why they need you and ultimately serves to drive up sales. Unlike an open all-hours convenience store, a website does not have to rely on passing footfall – it widens the net. Accessible 24-hours a day, it can get your brand noticed on a local, national and – possibly – international scale. Which is why it’s important to get it right, right from the start.

If you are re-designing your website or starting a business from scratch, here are 5 must-haves from website design company, Essex-based Webwalrus:


A website should reflect your brand. Whether you have a travel business geared towards the over-50’s market, a quirky interior design company or long-established firm of solicitors, your site should meet visitors’ expectations. A website that has a strong domain name and is a good reflection of the organisation it represents, will boost the chances of attracting your target market.


A website that looks professional builds trust in your organisation and makes buyers feel confident in making transactions with your company. Gone are the days of vast chunks of text, a sea of background colours and flash images. Instead, if your website is well laid out, with eye-catching pictures and informative text, visitors will be left with a positive user experience.


When customers land on your homepage they are hoping for a website that is easy to navigate. They don’t want to spend valuable time browsing. If they see what they want within three clicks or less, they are more inclined to head to the contacts page or take items to the check-out. This, coupled with fast response times, helps puts you ahead of the competition.


A mobile-friendly website is a must. Statistics show a rise in the number of people using a mobile device, iPad or laptop, rather than a desk-top. With all this technology at their finger-tips, they want information on the move: on the daily commute, at lunch or on a night out. And, if they can’t read your website on their portable device, the chances are they’ll quickly search for a more compatible site.


The importance of search engine optimisation cannot be underestimated. Our website design company in Essex considers SEOright from the start. We can also work with you to help increase your website’s visibility in the search engines as your company grows. To find out more about search engine optimisation, click on the link above.

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